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Anonymous asked:

I ask because you matter. There should be someone who asks you how you're feeling, just so that you know that someone thinks of you. You feel lost and you will find yourself again. Is he so far away?

Alright, get off anon ! I have to know who you are, you seem like an outstanding person. 

He lives aprox. 850 kilometers away. It’s so funny you know so much about long distance relationship. I never knew it would’ve been that hard. But yes, tell me who you are! 

Anonymous asked:

How are you feeling right now? Everything alright?

That’s very sweet to ask and I wonder why, you anonymous, is asking me that ?

But let me tell you this; I’m lost without him. I would be just fine if he would’ve been here with me ;My Prince Charming.

sexyb-chan asked:

cute blog : )

Thank you very much ! :)

Can’t wait for summer and light up fires with my friends !!!! 
My best friend and I. I miss her so much ! 
third post I posted when I started my blog. I’ve always wanted that kind of tattoo, on my shoulder.
A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.
- Coco Chanel (via tjmaxx)

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